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Here are the top ten articles for the Playstation 3 Site! These rankings are live and get reset at the beginning of each month, so check back often to see what your fellow visitors are most interested in!

1. DDR Extreme - Dance Dance Revolution
The Dance Dance Revolution, or DDR games, are over a decade old now. How well do they hold up in a modern world of motion sensors?

2. PS2 Reviews and Information
The PlayStation 2 has some of the greatest games available on the market - and many great series like Final Fantasy are primarily offered on the PS2. Read through our reviews and enjoy! We also have reviews for PS1 Games.

3. Final Fantasy, Star Wars, Biggs and Wedge
The Final Fantasy series has been going on for decades - and from the beginning it has contained many references to the Star Wars series and the quiet heroes Biggs and Wedge.

4. The Art of Final Fantasy IX
The Art of Final Fantasy IX is a great full color, large format book which helps demonstrate just how much effort can go into designing a video game.

5. Dragon's Dogma Review
Dragon's Dogma is a D&D style adventure game set in a massive landscape, with a variety of classes available. It is quite immersive and fun.

6. PlayStation 4 Chat Linked to ISIS?
If you believed several news agencies, the beloved PlayStation 4 is now being used by terrorists to exchange information.

7. Playstation 4 Console
The Playstation 4 is Sony's successor to the Playstation 3, and features a number of great improvements over the older system.

8. Sony Playstation 3 Memory Card Adaptor
If you are getting your hands on a PlayStation 3 and have any PS2 games that you used to play on a PlayStation 2, then it is really important to get your hands on this memory card adaptor.

9. PS2 / PS3 Walkthrough Index
Looking for a walkthrough for Final Fantasy, Grand Theft Auto, Vice City or other PS2 games? Here is your place to learn!

10. Getting PS2 Online - Step by Step 2
Step 2 in getting your PS2 online is making sure your PS2 knows how to talk to the internet. That is what the Network Connector is all about.

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